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There is no love greater than a mother’s love.

And Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your mother you feel just the same!

AND, as an extra gift this year, Aurum will also include a gorgeous selection of chocolates from leading Icelandic chocolatier HR, crafted by Hafliði Ragnarsson.

With every jewellery purchase for Mother’s Day from our online store, your mum can enjoy red chocolate hearts with raspberry ganache, and champagne truffles with strawberry chocolate.

Mother's Day gift suggestions

We wish to highlight 3 of our recent collections which we feel are particularly suited to mothers: SAND, KOLGA and SWAN, which are each inspired by the powerful sense of nature and nurture.


In the Sand collection, Guðbjörg was inspired by the idea that in one grain of sand, we can see the whole world and all the connections that each and every individual component in this world shares. Aurum believe that we must take good care of even the smallest components that are revealed to us in nature, as each of these has the potential to grow. In much the same way, mothers take care of their children, and encourage them to grow into who they want to be.

AURUM Icelandic jewelry Sand Collection | mother's day gift


For the strong and reliable matriarch, Kolga is named for and inspired by the eldest of the nine daughters of the Norse gods of the Northern Seas. Meaning ‘Cold One’ the Kolga collection honours the spirits of this majestic sea. Known as the ice maiden of the ocean, Kolga rests lightly on a strong foundation. Her form is reminiscent of a delicate creature that gets its nourishment from the sea but rests on land.

AURUM Icelandic jewellery Kolga Collection for mothers day gift ideas


Alternatively, look to the Swan collection for inspiration. Just as a mother is watchful and protective of her children, the Swan collection evokes the strength of this aristocratic bird, while also incorporating softness and movement.

Swan Collection AURUM jewellery Iceland

When you have chosen your personal gift, your purchase will be delivered and beautifully wrapped in our ethical packaging, which is produced from the sustainable bark of the Mulberry tree and modelled on natural Icelandic stones, accompanied by a selection of HR artisanal chocolates. 

Aurum jewelry Iceland x HR chocolatier mother's day